Help us fund a Mother & Baby Intensive Care Room at Emma Children’s Hospital

Our Big Goal for 2021 – a Mother&Baby Intensive Care Room

Our new project for 2021 is to sponsor a mother&baby private intensive care unit at the Emma Children’s hospital in Amsterdam. This will allow sick mothers and their prematurely born babies to share a room – rather than staying in two different parts of the hospital (as was the case with Birgit and Sophie). Due to the specialist medical equipment needed, these units are expensive.

To help raise the EUR 40,000 needed for one unit, we need your help. For more details on the “couplet units”, please click here.

Below information is from a recent meeting with Dr. Timo de Haan, neonatologist at the Amsterdam UMC and Gwen Mansum-Timmer from Stichting Steun Emma.

A unique concept: the Couplet care rooms

– Combined high care for a hospitalised mother with intensive care for the critically ill baby
– A State of the art, high-tech incubator – Visual and direct contact to improve future bonding between mother and child
– A place to sleep for father/partner next to mother
– Audiovisual equipment, iPad, camera; to see the baby from mothers bed
– A special (kangaroo) chair to stimulate skin to skin contact of parents with their preemie
– Focus on high quality ambiance in the room; lighting, furniture, decoration

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