Generation P – supporting a cutting-edge research project at Amsterdam UMC

Last week, we had the privilege of visiting Doctor Tim de Meij at the Amsterdam UMC (University Medical Centre). During our visit we heard all about his team’s latest cutting-edge research on the microbiome of prematurely born babies, and how it contributes to improving their quality of life in the NICU and beyond.

Tim explained his motivation and fascination for the research, the incredible amount of data they have collected, and the valuable insights they are gaining by harnessing the power of AI. The results obtained so far are already making a practical difference in the treatment protocols and care of prematurely born babies.

We are proud that in Sophie’s memory, the Sophie Foundation can make a financial contribution to support this groundbreaking research – thanks to the generous donations of so many family and friends. Thank you! We would also love to thank Gwen van Mansum – Timmer of the Stichting Steun Emma Kinderziekenhuis, with whom we closely collaborate to identify and support the right projects.

This visit has greatly inspired us at to continue our endeavors in preventing premature births and providing support to prematurely born babies, their families, and caregivers.

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